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"I Can't Breathe"

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Whee the people was born out of my deep frustration with the world we live in, and what has become of our society & culture. I needed to figure out a way to use my voice, and bring some awareness to how completely disturbing, and upsetting it is to me to see how incredibly far we still have to go regarding civility, civil, and equal rights, specifically in the US, but really in the world as a whole. I spent 6 months debating, meditating, and searching for some sort of precedence on what would be the best, most productive use of my voice as a musician, writer, producer, but more importantly... a person.


I love bands like “Rage against the Machine”, and “U2”. Artists like John Lennon who use their voice to call out the problems in our world, and point out possible paradigms we could be operating from. In all honesty, I created Whee the People out of being pissed off at how many petitions I found myself signing for things like getting people to stop beating baby seals to death with a spiked baseball bat for their fur. It seems to me that some things are obvious, but in reality, I guess not. I consider myself an activist. A humanist. A social-ist, not necessarily in the political/economical sense of the word, but more of a “we’re really all in this together/It’s a Small World after all” sort of way! But after a lot of consideration about who and why I am, and what I want Whee the People to be... It seems pretty clear that I'm really just a cheerleader. A cheerleader for all those who feel the same way I do, and want to make some real change in the way we treat each on this earth. So... I offer this up as a soundtrack to all who desire and crave a more unified, Loving, connected, respectful society and world. Just “Imagine” all that we could acheive together! I don’t think I can save or change the world by myself... but I do think WE can, and I like to call that change "The Beautiful Revolution!"

Tommy Daly